Monday, April 13, 2009

langit sandakan~tak kenal maka tak cinta

let's start with introducing my second home~SANDAKAN!

one of the fishing village that we got. this one is at sim-sim (yes, the place name is sim-sim; the best place for ikan bakar)

my favourites!!!=))

should try the tongue twister~bar burung biru baru..
once again, please!

this is Sandakan City and the locals

not sure whether these are locals or the philippinos.
yes, still in Sandakan City

can you see the fin?

jejakas handsome playing kompang for a wedding feast

sandakan tamu

entering the city

this is the muslim cemetry. here, muslims are buried not in the flat land.
this one was after a landslide and the bones and skulls (of dead people) coming out and fell on the road. that's why they covered the cemetries. scary, huh?


  1. tgk gambar sandakan, makin xsabar balik sandakan..