Saturday, February 14, 2009

they are right

careful what you wished for cuz you just might get it
that's the lyric of when i grow up by pussycat dolls..and yes i was not careful. when i was doing my practicum i had always wished my posting school would be equipped with whiteboards and lcd in every class as i hate to have to wash my hands due to the dust of the chalk. and the school teachers should support each other and the workloads should always be tolerable. while waiting for the posting i had also calculated my future income and how much could i spend out of it. i knew rm2000++ is never enough for me.
and yes. i mean that was why i have been posted to sabah. my school is equipped with whiteboards and lcd (every class) and the teachers are amazing. i never had major problems in dealing with them and they are so friendly and the workloads are not that tough. and yes my income is more than i expected.
the consequences? i live 2000km away from home and miss my family badly..huhu