Sunday, June 27, 2010


sometimes those who are closest to us are the ones that fail to see and understand the actual 'we'.
macam orang tanya kita la, di tempat anda apa yang best? jenjalan mana best? maka jawabnya, kat sini takder yang best pon. besa2 saja. sebab kita selalu ambil mudah dan terlepas pandang pekara yang selalu dekat atau yang kita ada. ask me what's best in sandakan, and i'd say, 'dalam satu hari round sandakan pon habis dah..'. but, try ask penang, one whole day is not enough for me to tell. (i just love penang)

sama juga dengan manusia. bila dah kehilangan baru nak pikir kebaikan sesuatu/seseorang tu. nak buat apa?

Friday, June 11, 2010


hey, it's not that i hate cats. just not fond of it. however, sudah terlanjur 24 jam hidup bersama kucing makes me dislike them (i still think HATE is not the word). imagine, you live with them not stay ya because they carry out different meaning. but for those who are crazy about cats, even the cat's poo still smell nice. that's out of topic. even the moment i'm writing this, there is a cat licking its fur next to my feet.

i cannot. seeing the cat sitting on the same table while you are having breakfast, lunch and dinner waiting for you to feed it/them. wandering at your feet, sleeping next to you while you are watching your favourite movie on your beautiful-and-new-jati couch-but-with-lots-of-cats' fur-on-it. and the fur(s) [if i could add an S to it!] on your shirt, your pants, your jeans, your tudung and you are full of cats' fur when you are lepak-ing with your buddies. and your bras and panties too because you wash them together with those shirts.
and the cats spray like, everywhere.

i miss my mum.