Sunday, March 22, 2009

got tips?

there are few tips that i picked up during the hols.

don't buy panties at the mall that is going to be closed in the next five minutes.
~credit to shoba

when your BMI shows overweight that means you are getting the right shape. in other word, slim.
~credit to matnoor

girls have to know that men do need a room to change.
~credit to aizu

when there is a stain on your shirt, just say, "tak nampak pun" and the stain will vanish.
~credit to me

always carry a branded plastic bag and put all your stuff in it. you would not look cheap.
~credit to joon ming

when there is a need to lie, just breath at your normal pace and look at the person straight in the eye. and no smiling.
~credit to mogana


  1. hahahaahahaha..


    grammar error -- "the stain will vanish"

  2. oh oh...need that branded plastic bag...

  3. just borrow your friends one. like what joon ming did!

  4. hahaha lawak la n3 nie..nnt pollow la blog padlah yer...lagi satu..another acount tu klu ble terminate la..mengelirukan penguna la..