Friday, April 22, 2011

220411 - grenade

i felt different, dulu in 2009 the idea of transferring,leaving my poor kids left me in tears. but now, i just dont care. sometimes, i feel hopeless and unappreciated. penat but they dont know anything, about the lesson apatah lagi about me. why do they should care? we are not related.

i'm suffering. macam kita bertepuk sebelah tangan. sakitnya seperti melihat org yg kita sayang bersama org lain. aku paun tak tau nape, tp begitulah. rasa seperti ditinggalkan. seperti sgtlah seorang dan tak siapa sedar my existence and my crying for help. i'm shouting in my smiles but nobody listens.

God, you knew. You are the only one who heard and aware of this.

grenade  of bruno mars made me heart sank.

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