Thursday, March 25, 2010

teacher says, pupils follow

yesterday, i carried out oral test for 6c. and due to the period had ended and i still needed to finish up with these two boys, i called them to the class next door (the children of that class went to take wudhu' for their agama class).

as they could barely write and read in Malay, even more English i gave this first boy a pencil. and asked him to draw. (yes, they only copy excercises in my class and this first boy always does not bring his excercise book).

i asked him to draw a boy. 'Tak tau, teacher', he simply replied. 'A boy', and i pointed at him. the other friends next to him told him to draw a boy (in Malay). so he drew.
and asked him to also draw a girl, and a teacher. he drew, with the help of his friends translation.

i pointed to the teacher that he drew. 'Who is this? This is a..' i waited for him to finish up my sentence. he did not. his friends said, teacher. and he repeated. i pointed to the girl and the same thing happened. lastly, i pointed at the boy, with the same question. the friends said, 'Kita diam wei, biar dia sebut!' silence. 'Who is this?' i asked again. i waited for the word boy to come out from his mouth. silence. i got irritated. 'Who is this? a pondan?' i said, synically.

and he said, 'A pondan'.
we burst out.