Wednesday, January 6, 2010

nu year's stories

friends wrote these as their status in Facebook~interesting!

felt like squeezing several Year One students today when she saw them crying, when they didn't know where to sit~Adorable! -sarah

teacher-"okay. from this information, you will do short ESSAY. you know what is ESSAY?" student- "i know teacher. AC mizal. AC di sini. sempoi......" - chacha

D kelas sblah aku t.dngar~ guru: apa living things? Pupils: bnda hdup. Guru: apa non living things? Pupils: bnda mati -zetty

had a good laugh AGAIN in class for the beginning of the year. I teach the kids to say, "Sir, I finish already" if they are done with their work and what I am getting now is, "Sir, I 'pinis' already". I wonder if they know the meaning.. :p -matno

teacher:apa azam kamu tahun nie?
murid: teacher, azam tu apa?
teacher: azam..kamu tak tahu azam? azam tu nama kawan kamu tu ha..