Tuesday, August 18, 2009

oh, my!

am teaching year 6. and class teacher for 6b. i treat all year 6 kids equally with other kids in school, year 5-1. i call the kids 'abang' or 'sayang', whatever word that coome out from my mouth.
this incident showed how wrong i am.

we had extra class for english at 1pm today. the kids did many work (as instructed by me~they'll be facing UPSR in the next 3 weeks, so you bet a LOT of exercises are needed here). i would check their work when they had finished and after that they could go home.

this one particular kid had finished his work early but refused to go home as he was waiting for his friend. so he was talking and smiling and pulling his beg in that class. suddenly i saw him sitting on the table. and i said to him, 'abang N, turun duduk bawah!' and he seemed shocked and then he..smiled.. and said.. 'abang..hehe..' and the other boys were smiling too and they turned at me, 'hehe, teacher panggil N abang..' and they started teasing him, Abang N.. the boy wa so embarrassed that he blushed adn i could see clearly his blood colour.. i puzzled, what is happening here? 'kenapa?' i asked the pupils. 'kenapa kalau saya panggil dia abang?'

the other boys smiled..and laughed at N.. i just smiled with lits of questions in the head, 'oh my, what on earth are they thinking? why he is so embarrased? and a little excited?' i realized these pupils are not kids, they are grown up kids. and i THINK i should not address them like this..

N walked around the class and last thing i saw he did was membetulkan his pants.

*i don't want to know!


  1. nahhh i dnt think he did what u think he did.....hei all boys need to changed the parking once a while.....Ohhhh i hope i dont sound "^%#"...m just explaining....ohhh i shouldnt explained......

  2. Come on la..he is just a naughty boy..not more than that..moreover boys now..and girls also.. are more more advance than us during our age..hahaha.

  3. aku tayah panggey aba pon budak laki tersipu2..ada ka muka aku cam darjah 6..?lepakplace tuh btol kut..budak zaman skarang..

  4. ya i know it was my fault bot realizing they are growing up with lots of questions bout their life and body..

    await, he's not naughty, maybe curious or experiencing experience..haha