Thursday, August 20, 2009

my favourite teacher -by abdul hakim b lau (6B)

My favourite teacher is teacher Shahdayanti. Teacher Shahdayanti is very beautiful. She is hardworking. She is teaching English and Pendidikan Sivik Dan Kewarganegaraan. My friend and I understand what she have teach (taught). Teacher Shahdayanti try to teach students to be clever and successful. Today we know how important teacher(s) are and we need (them) in our lives. Without (a) teacher, we will live in darkness. So, we must appreciate our teacher. And now, I will never forget the teacher who his (has) influenced my life. When she was teaching (teaches) my class she always asked (asks) us if we understood the lesson and gave (gives) us good explanation. She was (is) thin, every day she will look beautiful and smart. She had (has) fair skin and a sweet smile. Sometimes she laughed (laughs) or smiled (smiles), she would look sweet. She was (is) a caring teacher. I really love and like her.


  1. he forgot to write another important thing...she is "danger"! hahaha.

  2. back in college days, my senior once acknowledged me in their (amateur) album as yanti, young and dangerous. what's with me and 'danger' anyway?

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