Wednesday, October 28, 2009

tiche,tak paham!!

'Tiche, tak paham!" that was the naughty pupils would shout when i use English in class.
So i stared at them~motionless.
Haha, like it meant anything to me?

if i dont use English in classroom, when the hell are they going to listen to English?
Good thing some of them love to imitate me, "Class, please get in line" or "Quiet, please", then there'd be an echo, "Eh, quiet please!!' Sort of teacher's assistant. And they love to assist the teacher in class. To feel and act as the authority in class ~ hey, teacher chose me, so listen!

Although i would have to repeat the instructions over and over again but it all paid off when they replied in English.
"Ok, can somebody tell me what we already learned yesterday?"- English class replacement (Who else better to replace Englishh class other than the English Head Panel herself?) Ceh!
"Me!" "Verbs!"

That itself is reawarding enough.


  1. aku dulu penah kene tampar kot ngan 'tiche' noraziah yang kurus2 muda2 garang giler tuh.. sbb xpaham english.

  2. aritu aku g kenduri kawan aku, ada nampak teacher norhaziah kat situ..tetap maintain..hehe..
    masa ko kena tampar tu kita tak sama kelas kan? drjah 5 ngan drjah 6 baru sama..(sbb tu aku tatau..) sian plak kat hang..
    p/s: aku tampar budak sbb diorang bergaduh, bukan sbb tak paham..huhu