Saturday, September 5, 2009

the impossibility

o god
the most gracious the creator of the whole universe
can i ask for the magic clock
so that i could turn the time
to change what i desires
(with your bless)

so that i won't have this skin
so that i won't be here
crying in the dark cuddling my pink pillow
staring at my blog
motionless - idealess - still
at 12 midnight

to be in the arms that i love
or the place i wish
or wearing the dress i fancy
with sweet grin
and high heels
and anna sui on my left
and a best friend on my right

would it be better?
or should i just wish to wake up the next morning as someone else?



  1. amin!
    nak dekat dah nak dapat encik teddy bear yang chomey 2!

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaahhh..
    aku cuma mau pulang!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hg ni banyak tgk muvie ni..haha..
    xyah jd someone else la..nanti aku dah xkenal mber aku yanti...huhu.

    ape2 pon aku akan pulang pada 12hb..hahahaha..syok nya..jumpa pada hari raya ye..hehe

  4. ok ok..nak datang rumah call dulu. nnt aku g ronggeng tempat lain plak..